Range of Services

Precision and quality define the products and engineering services rendered by SHOFT Industries Pvt Ltd. The range keeps expanding with new and varied challenges from customers.

SHOFT has been well known in the industry for the manufacture of quality ship outfitting products. The name SHOFT is in fact derived from ‘ship outfit’, an activity that contributed significantly to early growth and development.

Today, SHOFT Industries Pvt. Ltd. (SIPL) provides support to SHOFT Shipyard and other shipbuilders with a gamut of engineering services, ranging from design to finished product to installation at site with varying levels of sophistication.
High quality ancillaries:
Regular ancillaries cover deck machinery such as winches, windlasses, davits, etc; steel outfitting items such as roll-on-roll-off hatches and hatch covers, etc; and other items such as windows, doors, rudders, rudderstocks. Class approval is obtained for any item as required.
Precision fabrication:
SIPL specialises in fabrication for submarine projects, manufacturing bulkheads, tanks for inner hull, stabilisers (hydroplane and rudders), outer hull ballast tanks, cradles for housing of major machinery, stanchions etc. These demand an extremely high level of dimensional accuracy with tolerances far lower than normal. Stringent documentation is observed, particularly with respect to high precision welding with special.
On site engineering:
SIPL undertakes on site engineering projects involving installation of systems and OEM supplied machinery. A challenging on site project has been the installation and fabrication of machinery, piping systems, electrical systems and high precision structural fabricatrion in the nuclear submarine project, as sub-contractor to L&T in Vizag Naval Shipbuilding Centre in Naval Dockyard, Vishakhapatnam. Another is for the Scorpene submarine project at Mazagon Docks Ltd.
Product development and indigenisation:
Our engineers are also involved in the indigenisation of a few marine ancillaries, currently imported and primarily used in naval vessels.