Gradual and steady development has resulted in a well designed and efficient Shipyard, empowered with the necessary infrastructure for multiple builds of various types and sizes

10000 Sq.meters of fully covered sheds for steel, Aluminium prefabrication and FRP construction with  multiple overhead cranes of capacity 15-25 T. 
Approx 150,000 sq m area, 600 m waterfront
Build capacity 9 - 12 vessels up to 145 m length
Launching weight up to 2500mt for standard vessels, 5000mt for oversized vessels
3 slipways for launching
Two outfit wharfs
Large separate fabrication area with multiple skids
Installed 750 KVA power with power house and distribution network
Additional aggregate 450 KVA Diesel Gen Sets for emergency Electric Supply
Covered prefabrication bay
Worker and staff housing accommodates over 900 workmen