Design & Procurement

Regular professional interaction with designers and robust relationships with OEMs gives us an edge, and helps in perfect execution of all nature of projects.

A good design is the foundation of any project. Because of the variety of projects undertaken by us we believe all good designs cannot be found under the same roof: you have to seek them out for each unique build.

Our senior Naval Architects and Project Engineers are geared to identify, analyse and quantify these unique parameters and we select different designers for different projects. Selection is based on careful evaluation of capabilities and track record of designers.

There is close cooperation and interaction with the designer at every stage. But even so, before any plan goes to classification society or owner or released for production, we scrutinise and vet each plan. Further, we involve our production experts to ensure that design is practical, production friendly and user friendly.

The designers we use are varied, located in various parts of the India and the globe. Some of the prominent designers are Cyber Marine (Mumbai); AMC Marcons (Mumbai); Vedam (Mumbai); Navnautik (Singapore); IHC Merwede (Holland); Win Marine (Visakhapatnam); IRS-Industries Research & Services (Kochi); Holland MT (Holland).
Knowledge Partners:
Our designers are also our knowledge partners. In each project we associate closely with the designer and the design development process is a joint effort.

SHOFT also has a close relationship with Indian and international OEMs of various machinery, equipment and fittings. OEMs are also our knowledge partners. We involve them right from the design stage and we take their guidance during production and tests & trials.
We maintain a large data bank of OEMs for all types of requirements. Well before a shipbuilding contract is signed, we are able to shortlist OEMs for various items. There is minimum startup time for locating suitable vendors.

To SHOFT’s way of thinking, cheapest is not always the best. We follow a process of shortlisting reliable and quality OEMS and thereafter selecting the most cost effective vendor. Importantly, we ensure that OEMs of major items offer adequate long-term warranty to cover a large portion of the post delivery warranty period, usually the full period.

We also assist owners to draw up a sensible and reliable Maker’s List on the basis of our experience from past projects.