Flexible plans are offered for repair and refit. Owners can decide to utilize the services of Shoft partly or in a comprehensive way with full support.

The Shoft team of shipbuilders is ready to undertake all kinds for repair and refit - plate renewal, blasting/painting, all types of engineering including machinery overhaul, tail shaft withdrawal for inspection and repair/refit, etc and repair work related to various systems - piping, electrical, HVAC, etc.

To owners, Shoft gives the option of using only the slipway and engaging their own crew or repair team for carrying out repairs. In such cases, shore power, water, air services are made available together with consumables for hot work at affordable rates.

During the period when repairs are ongoing, office space for crew and supervisors is provided and catering facilities are also available.

Accommodation in hotels is available within 30 to 60mts driving distance.

On request arrangement is also made for classification society surveyors to attend to repair related surveys. IRS surveyors are stationed in Bharuch where the shipyard is located. Several IACS class surveyors are located at Surat (about 2hrs away by road and of coarse in Mumbai which is well connected by many trains and by national highway.