SHOFT has a long history in the defence / security sector. In 2013, after stringent review of facilities and capacity, the Government of India awarded to SHOFT the coveted licence for building warships, one of the only four private sector shipyards to enjoy such a privilege.

Full facilities and infrastructure make SHOFT a good destination for repair and refit of vessels up to 125m length and lightweight up to 2500t.


  • Two of the three slipways, intermittently used for launching, are available for large intervals between launchings.
  • Making optimum use of the slipways, SHOFT accommodates vessels here for repair and refit.
  • Vessels of length up to 125m and lightweight up to 2500t can be slipped up on specially prepared cradles riding on the fixed ground rails in the slipways with help of powerful winches.
  • Slipping up is done at high tides and by proper ballasting to keep the forward draft down to within 1.50m.
  • The 3rd slipway, reserved for over dimensioned vessels, is also used for slipping up of vessels as and when free of new construction.
  • SHOFT plans to further enhance their repair capacity by constructing a dry dock and/or a floating dry dock exclusively dedicated to repairs.
  • The outfitting berths of SHOFT serve to support afloat repairs / refit.