Special application vessels give us an opportunity to confront unusual application challenges needing out-of-the-box solutions.

SHOFT has built several vessels, which do not fit into any specific category and are therefore classified as Special.


In such projects, we interact closely with the owners, understand the operational environment and imperatives, and generate practical, cost effective solutions.

Survival at Sea Training Facility
SHOFT’s first turn-key shipbuilding project presented a unique challenge. A back-to-back order from Goa Shipyard Ltd, it entailed conceptualising, designing and building a simulated environment for training ONGC personnel in safety routines and practices on offshore platforms. After constructing the floating facility ‘Samudra Shiksha’, SHOFT managed, maintained and conducted training programs for the first five years. The simulated platform continues to provide an invaluable education to personnel working in high risk rig environments.
Crane Barges for Adani
An unusual order taken by Alcock Ashdown, based on design of erstwhile L&T ship design center, and subcontracted to SHOFT, involved cutting a large pontoon in two and developing them into two independent crane barges, each mounted with heavy Liebherr cranes.
Crane Barge for Sardesai of Goa


Submersible  - for Idol Immersion

In the 2016 Ganesh Utsav, a new dimension was added to the immersion ceremony of the largest Ganpati idol, the "Lalbaugcha Raja". It was carried out via a submersible specially designed and manufactured by Shoft. (See video in Home Page)