Cargo Carriers

Our building capacity covers commercial vessels such as container, container-cum-bulk or break bulk, tankers, etc. Sea-going and coastal mini bulk carriers have been part of regular builds since early days.

M.V. Elikalpeni - A sea going vessel, specially designed for carrying 2000 fully loaded LPG cylinders and other petroleum products from mainland India for distribution to several Lakhshadweep Islands. The vessel is equipped with own unloading/loading arrangement. Safety features to comply with requirements of  vessels carrying dangerous cargoes have been incorporated 


  • SHOFT has been involved in construction of specialised commercial vessels since the year 1990. Some of the vessels such as newsprint carrier, cement carrier, passenger vessel, product carrier have been built as sub-contractor to other shipyards, with full engagement on all aspects of shipbuilding.

  • Over the years, innovations have been introduced to standard commercial vessels like specially designed, simple to operate roll-on, roll-off, telescopic hatch covers, incorporating bulbous bow, etc. 
Mini Bulk Carriers for Adanis
2 Nos. 1500 T DWT Fertilizer carrier with Roll on Roll off W.T hatch covers built for Mosiacand J.M Baxi 


LPG Cylinder Carrier