Core team of highly experienced technical supervisors specializing in different facets of shipbuilding.

Large and loyal force of skilled workers including class certified welders.

Unique ability to simultaneously undertake and successfully execute different projects at different locations.

Well supported by network of trusted contractors and associates.


World class shipyard for world class building

  • Approx 150,000 sq m area, 600 m waterfront
  • Build capacity 9 - 12 vessels up to 135 m length
  • Launching weight up to 2500mt for standard vessels, 5000mt for oversized vessels
  • 3 slipways for launching
  • Outfit wharf 50m length under construction
  • Large separate fabrication area with multiple skids
  • Installed 750 KVA power with power house and distribution network
  • Additional aggregate 450 KVA Diesel Gen Sets for emergency Electric Supply.    
  • E’gey : Aggregate 4450 KVA Diesel Gen Sets for E’gey Electric Supply
  • Covered prefabrication bay under construction
  • Worker and staff housing accommodates over 900 workmen

Location and features

Shoft Shipyard has an excellent location on the West coast of Gujarat. The shipyard is 10 nautical miles away from open sea, on the right bank of a deep navigable channel, the mighty River Narmada. Good water depth of about 7.5 meters at low tide make the 36 acre. Yard ideal for construction of a wide variety of vessels including construction of vessels of non-standard dimensions.

Advantage Shoft

Shoft Shipyard enjoys a significant advantage of utilization of its resources and facilities to the maximum. The vast area of the yard, stretching along the waterfront, has enabled Shoft to do strategic and generous allocation of production spaces. Prefabrication areas, skids and berths have been planned to complement each other in capacity utilization. The classic production bottlenecks have been eliminated: there is smooth and consistent flow, and optimal utilization of prefabrication and berthing areas.

North Yard

Area approx 39,000 sq m.
Contains administrative offices, steel stockyard, blasting and painting area, prefabrication area for production of CNC cut members, shaping and bending of plates and structural members, workshops, skids, worker and staff quarters. Fabricated sections are moved to berths in the South Yard by cranes and Traweers, Axles etc.

South Yard

Area approx 1,08,000 sq m, 600 m waterfront.
Contains site offices, stores for outfit items, building berths, slipways, outfit wharf (soon). Also adequate free yard space for additional on site fabrication.

In Gujarat, the most vibrant state for shipbuilding

The Government of Gujarat is committed to turning the state into the shipbuilding hub of India and is proactively improving infrastructure, particularly along the 6-lane Bharuch-Dahej highway, the lifeline for Shoft Shipyard.

Good infrastructure, access to the main highway, railway station and airport help Shoft maintain project schedules. To date, the shipyard has met all project deliveries.

Yard Layout

North Yard -Fabrication Bays, Stores, Admin Bldg, Workmen Quarters

South Yard - Site offices,  Workshops,  Stores and building berths & slipways

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